Northwest RIver – On the Road by Jack Kerouac published 1957

Distance: 8.3 Miles

Launchsite: Bob’s Fishing Hole

Been a while again, but I was out of town a lot and when I wasn’t it was just too hot… A few people have been sending me info about Bob’s Fishing Hole for a while, I have just never had the time to stop by, well I resolved that today, and in doing so I added my 100th launch site, wooo Hoo…

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Back Bay – Kayleigh’s Birthday

Distance: 2.4 Miles

Launchsite: Horn Point

Today is my daughters birthday, we took a short trip on Back Bay, not a lot to say, real busy, enjoy the pictures…

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Pocaty River – Joan of Arc Burned at the stake 1431

I received some information this week that Blackwater Road is going to be closed for 9 months starting June 1st until February 2011 to replace the Pocaty River ¬†bridge. I don’t know if this will effectively close the launch there permanently, or if an effort is going to be made by the city of Chesapeake to preserve or even possibly improve the launch, or if it will be rendered unusable…

In any case I took the opportunity to take a trip on the Pocaty River…

If the city of Chesapeake makes this site unusable, the other options are launching from the West Landing Marina, or the West Neck Creek Marina, both charge a small fee per boat…

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Windsor Castle Park – Muddy Waters Born 1915

Distance: 5.8 Miles

Launch: Windsor Castle Park

Today I took advantage of what I think is the only free weekend I have this month, work has been very busy, and I have been on the road a lot this year, I think I already made Marriott Platinum…

Thanks Greg for the heads up on Windsor Castle Park, this is a great find, and even though there is still work going on, the city and people of Smithfield have something to be proud of…

The wind and tides made my decision clear, so I headed down Cypress Creek to the Pagan River, ¬†where I spent a bit of time exploring the mud flats. not a whole lot going on, here, but I think that has to do with the quick transition from winter to spring we’ve experienced in the past week, not everything is fully awake, or here yet, but it was fun watching all the crabs run for cover as I approached….

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Airfield Pond – 1727 Sir Isaac Newton Dies

Distance: 3.5 Miles

Launch: Airfield Pond

What a great day to be out on the water, I took advantage and went all the way out to Sussex county and paddled Airfield Pond. This is my second trip here and wont be the last. Airfield Pond has a big thing going for it, there are no outboards allowed, which make for a very nice relaxing paddle even though it is a small body of water. I think I spent more time getting ready and driving out there then I actually spent on the water.

My initial goal was to attempt to paddle some of the extents of the pond, but that was short lived, because it got real shallow and there are a lot of fallen trees to impede the way…

On my last visit I spotted a pair of bald eagles, and I had hoped to spot them again this trip, but I was not so lucky this trip. The thing I did notice though, is there are a lot me beaver lodges here then I spotted on my first trip, if I remember correctly I only spotted one, and the remnants of another, but this time I saw at least 5, which surprised me that, that many beavers would be living on a body of water this size.

All in all a great quiet paddle…

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