Airfield Pond – 1727 Sir Isaac Newton Dies

Distance: 3.5 Miles

Launch: Airfield Pond

What a great day to be out on the water, I took advantage and went all the way out to Sussex county and paddled Airfield Pond. This is my second trip here and wont be the last. Airfield Pond has a big thing going for it, there are no outboards allowed, which make for a very nice relaxing paddle even though it is a small body of water. I think I spent more time getting ready and driving out there then I actually spent on the water.

My initial goal was to attempt to paddle some of the extents of the pond, but that was short lived, because it got real shallow and there are a lot of fallen trees to impede the way…

On my last visit I spotted a pair of bald eagles, and I had hoped to spot them again this trip, but I was not so lucky this trip. The thing I did notice though, is there are a lot me beaver lodges here then I spotted on my first trip, if I remember correctly I only spotted one, and the remnants of another, but this time I saw at least 5, which surprised me that, that many beavers would be living on a body of water this size.

All in all a great quiet paddle…

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